antimicrobial cleaning products
antimicrobial cleaning products
Over 900 products have been pre-approved for fighting the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak

CBC Releases List of Products That May Help Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

By DAN Boater
TRAVEL HEALTH | Apr 2, 2020

The Center for Biocide Chemistries (CBC) announced last week that is maintaining a list of more than 900 antimicrobial products that have proven to be effective against pathogens even stronger than COVID-19, such as norovirus or ebola, and that it is sharing the list with federal and state officials and the public.

Public health officials worldwide have warned that infection can spread through direct contacts such as person to person, or person to surface to person, especially in crowded and high-trafficked spaces. When often-used surfaces like countertops, fixtures, computers, phones, and seats and handrails on public transportation aren’t disinfected or sanitized, harmful viruses like the novel coronavirus can spread rapidly.

In a statement on the CBC's website, Komal K. Jain, Executive Director of CBC, explained: “The 2019 novel coronavirus is not your typical household cold, and members of the CBC are here to help. We know it is concerning that this virus is having widespread impact. Our members have spent decades conducting research to develop products that can be used safely and are effective in cases such as the coronavirus outbreak. There are antimicrobial products in the market that have been tested against hundreds of pathogens in order to facilitate rapid identification of products that EPA presumes will be effective against novel pathogens in instances such as the current outbreak.”

Antimicrobial products on the CBC's Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)-Fighting Products List have been tested to stop the spread of pathogens from hard surfaces and have received EPA’s approval that the products are not expected to cause unreasonable adverse effects when used in accordance with their labels.

Click here to download the most recent list of pre-approved products. And for details about the products on the list and how they are selected and approved, go here.

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