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DAN Boater is dedicated to your safety on land and water. Whether you need tips on travel safety, first aid information in the field, or an emergency medical evacuation or repatriation, help is just a call away.

With an emergency response network spanning the globe and more than 35 years of experience handling emergencies in remote locations, no one is better equipped to help keep you safe.

By boat, plane, car or train — any time you travel more than 50 miles from home, DAN Boater is ready to assist you with a host of valuable services, including:

24/7 Emergency Hotline
Medical Information Line
Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
Search & Rescue Expense Coverage
Travel Health & Safety Resources
Additional Benefits

No matter where in the world your adventures take you, DAN Boater is here to help. Have questions?


What would you do?

Acute colitis off Great Exuma Island
Motorcycle accident in Nova Scotia
Barracuda bite in the Caribbean
Broken ankle in Grenada
Stroke in Guatemala
Head injury in Antarctica

24/7 Emergency Hotline


DAN Boater is here for you with an experienced team of medical and travel emergency professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our emergency response team has decades of experience managing injuries and illnesses in remote locations. Paired with a global emergency services network, we work to provide you with the best possible care wherever your travels take you.

Coverage on Land and Water

While you're cruising the seven seas, scaling the tallest mountains, or out exploring a new city, if an unforeseen event happens - don't worry. With DAN Boater, you're covered no matter where adventure takes you.


Our medical team is here to guide you.

Medical Information Line

The team of health care professionals behind DAN Boater's Medical Information Line has decades of experience helping members with questions about travel medicine and health, and the expertise needed to safely guide you through even the toughest situation. Go wherever the wind takes you -- we'll help you stay on course.

Can it wait? Or is it urgent?

With over 300,000 medical resource hours logged helping members, our team has seen it all. When you call DAN Boater, we will help determine your condition, answer your questions, and guide you through best care practices. We'll also advise you on the logistics of medical transport and rescue services for your geographic location and the availability of medical care.

Travel Health & Safety Resources

female boater reading DAN Boater trip planning guide
Practical First Aid and Travel Planning Guides

When you're exploring the world, you want to ensure that you have the knowledge needed to do it safely.

DAN Boater offers a variety of educational resources to help you stay safe when you travel. When you join, you'll get instant access to the downloadable guides plus automatic access to new guides as they're released.

With these resources, you'll get actionable advice on first aid and travel safety topics such as:

Trip Planning & Preparedness
Travel-Related Disorders
Bone and Joint Injuries
Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

SAFE PASSAGE eNewsletter

Get a monthly digest of interesting stories, helpful tips, and updates on:

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Travel Safety


Your safety is what matters.

Worldwide Medical Evacuation

Accidents and illnesses happen. Whether it's a broken arm resulting from a dive off your boat, a fall on a slippery deck or sudden chest pain after evening dinner, DAN Boater is here for you.

As a member, you're covered for worldwide medical evacuation (medevac) expenses in the event of a medical emergency. With over 10,000 emergency medical evacuations handled, our experienced team will arrange and pay for medical transport to help get you to safety.

How does DAN Boater medical evacuation work?
Read about real-life member emergencies.

Medical Repatriation to Home Country

Depending on the nature and location of your emergency, local treatment facilities in your area — if they exist — may not always be the best choice for ongoing medical treatment. In cases like this, the best course of action may be to return home for a higher or more appropriate level of care.

If your condition is stabilized, and the medical professionals clear you for travel, DAN Boater will arrange and pay for your transportation to the hospital of your choice within your home country.


It pays to be prepared.

Search and Rescue Expense Coverage

Search and Rescue

Search and rescue services are not always free and in most cases not covered by health insurance. The availability, capability and cost of these services vary widely depending on where you are in the world and the circumstances of your emergency.

If you become lost or incapacitated while traveling, we will reimburse you for search and rescue expenses after receiving notification that a rescue service/agency has undertaken a search to save you.


We've got your back.


Return of Traveling Companion

If you or your traveling companion lose previously-made travel arrangements due to a delay caused by a medical emergency, we will arrange and pay for one-way airfare to return your companion to his or her original departure point.

Return of Dependent Children

If you're traveling alone with children and become ill or injured and unable to attend to the children's needs, we will arrange and pay for one-way airfare to return the children to their places of residence.

Visit of Family Member or Friend

If you're traveling alone and are expected to require hospitalization for more than seven consecutive days, we will arrange and pay for round-trip airfare for a visitor to travel to the site of your hospitalization.

Return of Vehicle Expense Coverage

If you are hospitalized, or encounter a medical condition which leaves your personal or rental vehicle unattended, we will arrange for its return.

Prescription Assistance and Medical Monitoring

If you require prescription medication or prescription eyeglasses that are not available in your location, we will consult with your prescribing physician, locate a replacement or refill, and arrange for shipment.

Translator and Foreign Services Assistance

In the event of an emergency, we will help you locate resources such as consulates, government agencies, translators or interpreters to assist you with travel-related problems.

Emergency Message Transmission

If you are injured or hospitalized, we can relay emergency messages between you and your family, or you and your employer, to keep everyone updated on your medical situation.

Stolen Property Recovery Assistance

If your luggage, documents, credit cards, or personal items are lost or stolen, we will help you report the missing items to the appropriate authorities. We can also help you replace your passports and credit cards and recover lost or delayed luggage from a carrier.

Travel Service Assistance

In the event of an emergency, we will help coordinate emergency travel arrangements and hotel reservations for you, including helping replace your lost or stolen airline tickets and arranging payment.

Legal Assistance and Referrals

If you are arrested, or are in danger of being arrested, we will help locate an attorney who can represent you in legal matters. Where permitted by law, we can also advance bail funds with an acceptable guarantee of reimbursement.

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Ask DAN Boater.


Is DAN Boater travel insurance? Or medical evacuation insurance?

DAN Boater is an annual membership in the world's premier travel safety association. It provides families and individuals with 24/7 access to medical emergency services and health and safety resources while traveling. Although membership does provide coverage for critical emergency services such as medical evacuation and repatriation, medical referrals and prescription assistance — benefits typically associated with travel and medical evacuation insurance products — DAN Boater members enjoy a variety of other travel safety benefits, as well.

Does DAN Boater cover medical expenses?

DAN Boater membership is not a medical insurance policy. It will not pay for medical treatment or loss caused by, or resulting from, sickness/illness or injury of any kind.

If you need coverage for unexpected medical expenses that occur while traveling outside your home country, take a look at our DAN Boater Travel Insurance options.

Do I have to be on my boat (or traveling by boat) to use DAN Boater benefits?

You can use your DAN Boater benefits any time you travel more than 50 miles from home, regardless of how you travel. Here are a few examples that illustrate some of the different types of travel activities our members enjoy:

Who can I include on my DAN Boater Family membership?

DAN Boater Family memberships are designed for immediate family members only. This includes:

How can I protect my grandchildren when they travel with me?

The best way to cover your grandkids is to enroll them and their parents in a DAN Boater Family membership of their own, designating one of the parents as the primary contact. You can enroll and pay for the membership yourself or encourage the parent(s) to do it. Either way, everyone's covered throughout the year regardless of who is traveling with whom. Plus, it makes a great gift for kids heading off to summer camp or sailing school and for families who love to travel!

Is DAN Boater membership available to residents of ________?

You are eligible to enroll in DAN Boater membership if your primary residence is in the United States or its territories, Canada, and select areas of the Caribbean and South America. Our enrollment application includes a complete list of eligible countries.

How quickly can I expect to receive confirmation and coverage?

DAN Boater membership enrollment is quick — under 5 minutes — and easy. You will receive an email confirmation of your acceptance immediately after completing the online application.

What are the maximum coverage amounts for member benefits?

You'll find coverage amounts for each benefit in the DAN Boater Member Handbook.

Who should I contact if I still have questions about membership?

Call 919-490-2011 or email our Member Support group. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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