blue, green, yellow iridescent jellyfish
blue, green, yellow iridescent jellyfish

New Guide Teaches Boaters, Divers and Snorkelers How to Prevent and Treat Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

By DAN Boater

Stings…bites…scrapes…Ouch! Few things ruin a day on the water faster than a brush up against a prickly piece of coral or a close encounter with a jellyfish, sea urchin, or other venomous specimen of the sea.

The good news is, injuries caused by marine animals are rare, typically prompted by human action, and generally require only simple first aid. The better news is, when mishaps do occur, boaters and divers will be prepared—thanks to the experts at DAN Boater.

First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries is the newest release from the medical professionals at DAN Boater, one of the most recognized names in travel safety. Like other guides produced by DAN, this latest travel preparedness guide is geared to recreational cruisers, sailors, and adventure travelers in an effort to raise awareness about good travel health and safety practices.

What's inside the new HMLI Guide?

First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries is divided into four sections:

Section I covers envenomations, the process by which a venom or toxin is injected into another being via a bite, puncture, or sting. Section II focuses on traumatic injuries, which are usually the result of a marine animals’ defensive reaction to a perceived threat or misidentification of a person’s body part as a food source. Section III covers seafood poisonings caused by ingestion of a natural toxin present in seafood. Section IV details first-aid techniques and treatments mentioned throughout the guide—including thermolysis, antivenoms, and the pressure immobilization technique.

In each section, the guide offers user-friendly tips on properly identifying these injuries when they do occur and rendering first aid—as well as ongoing care for the injured area. Moreover, the guide offers clear direction on when to seek treatment from medication professionals.

Where can I get a copy?

You can also purchase print copies of this 28-page guide in our online store.

Can I get copies for members of my sailing/yachting club?

Absolutely! We welcome opportunities to share these helpful reference materials, free of charge, to boat and yacht clubs, sailing and cruising associations, yacht charter companies, and boating/boating safety educators.

For information on how to obtain copies for your club members or customers, click here or contact us via email.