Sunset over the ocean horizon
Sunset over the ocean horizon

DAN Boater Announces Partnership with Voyage Planner Untold Horizon

By DAN Boater

Durham, NC - Ever wish there was a “AAA” for sailors and cruisers? How convenient would it be to have a licensed merchant mariner present you with a personalized voyage plan to the destination of your choice that includes a pre-departure checklist, weather forecasts, suggestions on the safest route—complete with a step-by-step guide and charts, recommendations on marinas, contact information for harbor masters, and a list of emergency contacts in case something goes awry?

DAN Boater, the world’s premiere travel safety association, is proud to become the first partner of Untold Horizon, a new company that offers all of the above services—and more. Bonus: Untold Horizon will include a DAN Boater family membership -- which includes global medical evacuation and medical repatriation coverage -- with all of its membership packages.

“DAN Boater’s strong commitment to recreational boating safety made this offer a no-brainer,” says Jeremy Dann, President of Untold Horizon LLC, who currently holds a 500 GRT Master upon Oceans (Domestic), a 3000 GT Master (International), and a Master of Towing and Auxiliary Sail Vessels. “Like DAN, our mission is to make boating a safer and more enjoyable experience, and with the knowledge of merchant mariners at their side, we hope that everyone can take on their dream voyage.”

“Untold Horizon’s voyage planning process allows for a safe, well thought out journey that enables cruisers and sailors to get underway with confidence and peace of mind,” acknowledges William Ziefle, President and CEO of DAN. “And should something go wrong—on or off the water—the added benefit of a DAN Boater membership offers an extra layer of protection.”

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Since its inception in 1980, DAN has handled more than 10,000 emergency medical evacuations, fielded over 100,000 emergency calls, and spent more than 300,000 medical resource hours on duty. DAN Boater is committed to helping recreational boaters in need of medical emergency assistance and continues to promote good travel health and safety practices through research, education, and traveler assistance services. For more information about DAN Boater membership, visit