DAN Boater marine first aid kits for boater emergencies
DAN Boater marine first aid kits for boater emergencies

Marine First Aid Kits for Every Boat and Cruising Style

By DAN Boater

Every day, boaters and emergency-responders around the world trust DAN Boater's first aid kits to perform in an emergency. That's because our products have been developed, tested and refined with input from leading physicians and researchers to meet the rigorous requirements of the boating and diving communities.

Be ready to respond. Explore DANBOATER.ORG/KITS to ensure you're prepared with the latest first aid equipment to quickly and effectively handle on-the-water emergencies.

First Aid Kits

DAN Boater's first aid kits enable sailors, cruisers, kayakers and canoers to be prepared in the event of an emergency while on the boat, on the beach, or at the marina. From compact kits suited for minor injuries close to shore, to comprehensive solutions for treating serious injuries in remote locations, our line includes waterproof cases designed to protect your first aid supplies in even the harshest marine environments.

First Aid and Safety Accessories

DAN Boater's first aid and safety accessories are the ideal complement to your emergency response gear. Add these items to any kit and be prepared for whatever happens during your boating adventure.



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