boater wearing an automatic engine cut-off switch with lanyard

Engine Cut-Off Devices Save Lives. Get Connected!

By DAN Boater

Automatic Engine Cut-Off Devices Are Critical To Safe Boating

NSBC Get Connected infographic

DAN Boater has joined forces with the National Safe Boating Council (NSBC) to remind boaters to "Get Connected" and use their automatic "kill switch", or engine cut-off device, every time they go boating.

An engine cut-off device is a proven safety device used to stop the boat's engine immediately should the operator unexpectedly fall overboard when the boat hits a wave, wake, takes a sharp turn, runs into a submerged object, suffers steering failure, and more.

Fast Facts on Propeller and Vessel Strikes

There are multiple engine cut-off devices available on the market today ranging from simple lanyards to wireless models. Some are designed to kill the engine when passengers fall overboard. Most boat manufacturers will install the systems and provide the devices.

Engine cut-off devices take only seconds to attach and stop propellers instantly. And accident reports show that these devices do prevent injuries and death from propeller and vessel strikes.

"We know this has the potential to prevent propeller strike casualties," said NSBC Executive Director Peg Phillips. "Our goal is to make use of the engine cut-off device a subconscious safety habit."

Help us spread the word and save lives. Visit to find out how you and your boating club can get involved and make a difference.

Be Aware. Be Prepared.

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