Female boater calls DAN Boater's Medical Information Line with a first aid question Female boater calls DAN Boater's Medical Information Line with a first aid question
America's Boating Club members can now add DAN Boater's Medical Evacuation, Emergency Hotline, and Medical Information Line services to their memberships

DAN Boater Provides Worldwide Travel Safety Benefits to America’s Boating Club Members

By DAN Boater

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: World’s Premier Travel Safety Association Partners With America’s Boating Club

DURHAM, NC – DAN Boater announced today it has partnered with America’s Boating Club/United States Power Squadrons to promote safe boating and recreational travel through education and traveler support services. America’s Boating Club members now have the option to add DAN Boater’s travel safety benefits to their membership at a discounted annual rate of $25.

With over 26,000 members in more than 350 squadrons nationwide, America’s Boating Club is the largest nonprofit boating organization in the U.S. Offering courses in seamanship, navigation and more, the organization is dedicated to making boating safer through education, civic service, and fun. Beginning in October 2019, America’s Boating Club will include DAN Boater’s traveler safety services as a valuable new benefit to its members.

DAN Boater, the world’s premier travel safety association, provides families and individuals with 24/7 access to medical emergency services and health and safety resources while traveling. Its core services include an emergency hotline and medical information line, worldwide medical evacuation and repatriation coverage, travel health and safety guides, and search and rescue expense reimbursement.

“We are really excited to be partnering with America’s Boating Club,” said DAN President and CEO Bill Ziefle. “Like DAN, the Power Squadrons (now America’s Boating Club) has a long and well-respected history of advancing safety on the water. They do a great job of educating and assisting recreational boaters throughout the U.S., and we’re confident their members will enjoy the advantages of their new DAN Boater benefits.”

“America’s Boating Club membership does have its privileges,” said Gary Cheney, chief commander, United States Power Squadrons. “We are very excited to partner with another like-minded organization to offer our members even more benefits. Now, our members can receive access to DAN Boater’s leading world-wide safety and travel benefits, to complement our top-of-the-line boaters’ education, as well as the comradery, social activities and community service of the world’s premier boating club.

About DAN Boater: Since 1980, DAN has handled more than 10,000 emergency medical evacuations, fielded over 100,000 emergency calls, and spent more than 300,000 medical resource hours on duty. DAN Boater is committed to helping travelers in need of medical emergency assistance and promoting good travel health and safety practices through research, education and traveler assistance services.