DAN Trauma Kit, Rescue Pak and Coast Guard Complete first aid kit
DAN Trauma Kit, Rescue Pak and Coast Guard Complete first aid kit

Announcing: New Line of Marine First Aid Kits Now Available in the DAN Boater Travel Store

By DAN Boater
boaters check the supplies in their first aid kit
Customize prepackaged kits to manage specific health issues

When an injury or illness occurs at home, there’s easy access to the medicine cabinet, an emergency clinic, and 911. At sea, however, medical attention is rarely close by, creating the need to be more self-sufficient. That’s why having a marine first-aid kit that’s well-stocked, up-to-date, and at-the-ready is critical.

First aid kits are not one-size-fits-all and making the right choice depends on several factors. For example, are you primarily an angler, day sailor, coastal cruiser, racer, or long-distance voyager? The makeup of your crew and passengers also plays an important role. Will there be kids on board? Does anyone have specific health issues—like heart problems, pulmonary diseases, etc.?

To assure you have the proper tools onboard to handle a medical emergency, the emergency professionals at DAN Boater created a line of kits suitable for every boat and cruising style -- from kayakers to charter vessels.

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Here's a quick overview of a few of our kits:


Whether you need a first-aid kit that can treat the basics (stings, sunburn, minor cuts, sprains) or a more elaborate kit with AED and emergency oxygen to help handle serious injuries or illnesses on the water, the DAN Boater Travel Store has the solution.

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Remember to inspect and replenish your first aid kit before casting off