Chesapeake Bay Magazine Talks MedEvac with DAN Boater at Annapolis Boat Show

By John Stefancik, Chesapeake Bay Magazine

CBM: Hi. I'm John Stefancik, publisher of Chesapeake Bay Magazine, and we're here at the 2017 Annapolis Spring Sailboat show and talking with Greg Moore from DAN Boater. Hi Greg.

GM: Hi. Good to see you John.

CBM: So DAN Boater is a company that provides a lot of interesting services and was hoping that I might be able to talk with you about it and get a little overview for all of our subscribers and readers.

GM: Sure. Well, John, we have a quarter of a million members and we provide medical advice and emergency evacuation worldwide. We do about 2 emergency evacuations on average a week and we're there for our members whenever they need us.

CBM: And this is all based in the United States, or it's just a network worldwide? Where does it coordinate from?

GM: We coordinate out of Durham, NC. That's our main office. But we have a relationship with evacuation services worldwide. So we call on these [services] whenever they're needed for our members.

CBM: That's pretty interesting. So, what kind of services do you work with? Are they other companies like DAN Boater or are they emergency services that you coordinate with?

GM: Well, we actually coordinate with the evacuation provider, as in air ambulances, so it depends on the necessary evacuation situation. We use everything from a medical escort on a commercial airline all the way up to a full blown air ambulance. There again, depending on the circumstances.

CBM: Do you coordinate with the US Coast Guard ever?

GM: Well, we do. Of course, in the event of an actual emergency we ask that our members notify whatever resources are available in that area, for example the Coast Guard, and then after that we step in and help get them to the closest appropriate facility for medical assessment and then arrange their evacuation elsewhere for treatment as needed.

CBM: Ok, that makes sense. How about pricing? How does it start? Are there certain levels? Do you pay a monthly fee? How does that work?

GM: Well, there is a level. This is a member service. Membership is $100 for a family, or $60 for an individual, per year.

CBM: It's a busy boat show today, isn't it? (laughing)

GM: It is a busy boat show! (laughing)

CBM: That's good! Spring boat shows are...

GM: Again, that's $100 per family or $60 per individual, per year. And one thing we like to always point out at the boat shows is you don't have to be on your boat. Any time you are traveling, for whatever reason, your membership benefit is in effect. So if you have an issue, it's always important that you call us and get us involved in your evacuation.

CBM: Splendid. All right. It sounds like peanuts to pay for some real piece of mind.

GM: Well, as you know, at the boat show a couple of drinks and sandwiches can easily cost $100 so it's really a shrewd investment.

CBM: Thanks for speaking with us today, Greg.

GM: My pleasure.

CBM: Have a good show.

GM: Thank you.

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