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Frequently Asked Questions about DAN Boater Membership

Get answers to the questions we receive most often about DAN Boater membership.

Is DAN Boater travel insurance? Or medical evacuation insurance?

DAN Boater is not travel insurance. It is an annual membership in the world's premier travel safety association that provides families and individuals with 24/7 access to medical emergency services and health and safety resources while traveling. Although membership does provide coverage for critical emergency services such as medical evacuation and repatriation — benefits typically associated with travel and medical evacuation insurance products — DAN Boater membership plans include a host of additional travel assistance services, as well.

Does DAN Boater cover medical expenses?

DAN Boater membership is not medical coverage. It will not pay for medical treatment or loss caused by, or resulting from, sickness/illness or injury of any kind.

If you need coverage for unexpected medical expenses that occur while traveling outside your home country, take a look at our DAN Boater Travel Insurance options.

Do I have to be on my boat (or traveling by boat) to use DAN Boater benefits?

You can use your DAN Boater benefits any time you travel more than 50 miles from home, regardless of how you travel. Here are a few examples that illustrate some of the different types of recreational travel activities our members enjoy:

I scuba dive, so I'm already a DAN member. But I'm also an avid boater/traveler, too. Do I need to buy both memberships? One for diving and one for boating?

No. If you're currently an active DAN member who still enjoys scuba diving — even if it's only once or twice a year — you do not need to buy both memberships. A DAN membership with dive accident insurance provides all the coverage active scuba divers need.

DAN Boater membership is designed for boaters, travelers and water-sports enthusiasts who do not scuba dive.

Who can I include on my DAN Boater Family membership?

DAN Boater Family memberships are designed for immediate family members only. This includes:

How can I protect my grandchildren when they travel with me?

The best way to cover your grandkids is to enroll them and their parents in a DAN Boater Family membership of their own, designating one of the parents as the primary contact. You can enroll and pay for the membership yourself or encourage the parent(s) to do it. Either way, everyone's covered throughout the year regardless of who is traveling with whom. Plus, it makes a great gift for kids heading off to summer camp or sailing school and for families who love to travel!

Is DAN Boater membership available to residents of ________?

You are eligible to enroll in DAN Boater membership if your primary residence is in the United States or its territories, Canada, and select areas of the Caribbean and South America. Our enrollment application includes a complete list of eligible countries.

How quickly can I expect to receive confirmation and coverage?

DAN Boater membership enrollment is quick — under 3 minutes — and easy. You will receive an email confirmation of your acceptance and details about your coverage immediately after completing the online application.

What are the maximum coverage amounts for member benefits?

You'll find coverage amounts for each benefit on the membership information page and in the DAN Boater Member Handbook.

What is the cost for a DAN Boater membership?

The total cost for an annual DAN Boater membership is US$60 for an individual and US$100 for a family.

Who should I contact if I still have questions about DAN Boater?

Call 919-490-2011 or email our Member Support group. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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