Travel Assistance

Emergency Message Transmission

Keep Everyone In The Loop During Travel Emergencies

We will receive and relay emergency messages between you and your family and/or your employer.

Assistance With Recovering Lost or Stolen Items

Get Help With Lost Or Stolen Items

Should your luggage, documents, credit cards, or personal items be lost or stolen, DAN Boater will assist you in reporting lost items, replacing important items such as passports or credit cards, and recovering lost or delayed luggage from a carrier.

Translator & Foreign Services Referrals

Find Translators, Interpreters and Other Services While Traveling

DAN Boater can help you locate resources if you need to use the services of consulates, government agencies, translators, or other service providers who assist with travel-related problems. You are responsible for the selection of these professionals and payment of any related fees.

Travel Service Assistance

Get Help When Your Trip Doesn't Go To Plan

If you or a covered family member needs travel service assistance in the event of an emergency, DAN Boater will: (i) help coordinate emergency travel arrangements and hotel reservations; (ii) help replace lost or stolen airline tickets by arranging payment through the member’s credit card; and (iii) deliver replacement or prepaid tickets by express mail or directly to airline counters.

Legal Assistance & Referrals

Get Legal Assistance and Referrals Wherever You Travel

If you or a covered family member is arrested or in danger of being arrested as the result of any noncriminal action resulting from responsibilities attributed to you, we will provide you with the name of an attorney who can represent you in any necessary legal matters. If you need any other form of legal assistance, we can provide referrals and arrange assistance from qualified local attorneys, embassies, or consulates, wherever you travel. We can also provide telephone interpretation when necessary.

Where permitted by law, DAN Boater can advance you up to $5,000 in bail funds with an acceptable guarantee of reimbursement from either you or your insurance.